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Tally Tuesday 4.29.18

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Tally Tuesday

Weekly stats: Beats: 1,294 Movers: 302

Thank you to all the movers who Accepted the Challenge to bring the fight to cancer and move with us!

Move Me Nation posted 5,700 beats this month which is our best month in the history of Move Me Monday and means over $5,700 to support cancer research! 

Special thank you to Cycle Bar Polaris movers for showing up for Move Me Monday to celebrate their second anniversary and to our generous sponsors this month!

Whether you are moving for your family, your friends or to be a better you - we are all in this together! Every day is an opportunity to bring the fight to cancer and to help spread the word about the power of prevention.

See you on Monday for the first Move Me Monday of May!

Registration is now open for Kicking Cancer in Columbus, OH & Greenwich, CT! Please register online in advance!

May is awareness month for brain cancer, bladder cancer, melanoma and other skin cancers.

All participants registered for Kicking Cancer will receive a free shirt but you can also purchase a new soft tee from Garage Cotton (link for tanks coming soon)!

We love seeing our movers in their #MMMUniform! As a reminder, all proceeds from each Garage Cotton Move Me Monday shirt purchased will help fund your beats! 

Support Move Me Monday Storytellers and warm up for Move Me Monday this Sunday May 6th:

Thanks to everyone who we chatted with at the GREENWICH YMCA FOR A FAMILY POOL PARTY, CELEBRATING HEALTHY KIDS DAY! last Sunday, and to the YMCA for including us!

Spring cleaning reminder on how to post your beats!

We are so very excited about the record weeks, help us tally by following the guidelines below to post and make sure we don't skip a beat!

If you are interested in sharing your story or sponsoring a #MoveMeMonday, we would love to hear from you! 

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