Move Me Monday (MMM) is our initiative designed to help raise cancer prevention awareness, funds to support leading cancer organizations, and promote a more active lifestyle. For every mile participants run, walk, bike, swim, etc. or 15 minutes they exercise each Monday participants earn 1 beat. For every beat shared via our social media channels or website, LWDF raises $1 to support select cancer organizations on a one-for-one basis. Anyone anywhere can participate.


Our one-for-one model creates a highly interdependent community of individuals and organizations committed to helping us bring the fight to cancer. Beats must be earned before funds are donated which encourages participants to ACT – Accept the Challenge Today. To achieve our mission we need our community to help us raise cancer prevention awareness and champion MMM.

Since we don’t all share the same interests, physical abilities, or even live in the same place we’ve devised a universal system of awesomeness that anyone can use. Basically, if it has a distance, count it. If not, 15 minutes of your activity equals 1 beat.

For Example:

3 mile run = 3 BEATS = $3


60 minutes of yoga = 4 BEATS = $4


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