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Move Me Monday Storyteller: Jordan Belous, Whip Pediatric Cancer

We were honored to share Jordan Belous' story two years ago! Jordan has raised over $188,117 for research at MSK (her goal is $200,000) & over 2,200 schools have signed up for the the Heart of Gold initiative. Jordan and the many lives she has touched are an inspiration. We're honored to support MSK. 

Jordan's Story, September 2016

We are honored to share Jordan Belous' story. She has been passionate about Pediatric Cancer Awareness since she was a child and last year raised over $40,000 after starting Whip Pediatric Cancer to support the Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Now Jordan is sharing her Heart of GOLD with a goal to make 'going gold' a part of the back to school vocabulary. 

Cancer has impacted my life, for the better. Yes. It sucks. Cancer sucks. I'd rather have no foundation and a cure for cancer, but since there is no cure, I am thankful to be a part of the pediatric cancer community.
When I was just 2 years old, my mom was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. I don't remember it at all, it's all just a story to me. But thank goodness she's doing great. Her diagnosis has been the reason I am so involved. Since I was 7, I have always been involved in helping kids with cancer. I have made it my mission to bring awareness to the much needed cause. It wasn't until August 17, 2015 when everything clicked. Whip Pediatric Cancer was formed.
I started the challenge with a 14 second video of myself doing the whip and nae nae, and challenged friends to do the same. Who knew almost a year later, 39,000 + people would be following my mission.

To learn more about Jordan’s Heart of Gold Program & Whip Pediatric Cancer, please visit her website  and Facebook page. 

We're asking for HeartBEATS of Gold every Monday to bring the fight to cancer, thank you for the inspiration Jordan!

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