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Tally Tuesday 5.28.2019

Weekly stats:

Beats: 774

Movers: 140

Thank you to all the movers who Accepted the Challenge to bring the fight to cancer and move with us this Memorial Day!

Thanks for moving with us in May - it was a great month with 3,052 beats posted which means over $3,000 to support cancer research!

Whether you are moving for your family, your friends or to be a better you - we are all in this together! Every day is an opportunity to bring the fight to cancer and to help spread the word about the power of prevention.

See you on Monday to kick off June!

Kicking Cancer Kicking Cancer helps teach children the game of soccer, the benefits of being active and educates parents on ways to help prevent cancer. Kickers will be in small groups and led through warm ups and fun drills that will introduce them to soccer and basic skills. We incorporate a lot of games and activities (including non soccer related) into Kicking Cancer which will be great for younger children who may not be interested in soccer and have a shorter attention span! Senior kickers will focus on building proper technique and learn drills to improve their existing ball skills. Registration fees are $40 per Kicker.

Linda's Buckeye Tree dedication

Family and friends celebrated Linda's memory & legacy at a Buckeye Tree dedication on April 20th at the new Schumaker Athletic Complex for Linda and Billy Hill, both pioneers in athletic training at Ohio State.

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