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Move Me Monday Storyteller - Rony Sinharoy & The Botanist

There are many ways to help bring the fight to cancer and thanks to our friend Rony Sinharoy we know more about how The Botanist is helping fight cancer.  We’ve known Rony since we were kids and he recently reached out with a great idea. 

As the pharmacist at The Botanist, a medical cannabis dispensary, he helps cancer patients navigate marijuana therapy in an effort to help alleviate patient symptoms.  Rony asked if LWDF would be okay with a collection box in his dispensary to collect donations in lieu of traditional tip jars.  We’re honored he thought of us and proud to have collected over $2,000 in donations to help support #MoveMeMonday and The James (Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute).  Thank you Rony, The Botanist team, and all the patients who think of others in their time of need, we appreciate your continued support!

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