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Move Me Monday Storyteller - Helle Aanesen

Thank you to our friend Helle for sharing her story and her continued commitment to bring the fight to cancer. Helle's efforts at AKTIV Against Cancer are an inspiration, and we are incredibly grateful for her support of LWDF.

Even though I was never diagnosed myself (knock on wood), I have spent the last 13 years working to ensure that cancer patients get physical exercise as part of their treatment. Establishing AKTIV Against Cancer has turned out to be a lifestyle more than a job – and I love it!
This picture shows the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg working out with cancer survivor Riche Vestby at one of our PUSTEROM (fitness centers) outside Oslo. This moment was so energizing and inspiring. You can tell from the picture that physical activity does so much good for us, and at the same time we managed to deliver an important message to our Head of State!

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