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Move Me Monday Storyteller - Darren Mota

We’re honored to share Darren Mota’s story this week.  The Move Me Nation knows we all have a story to tell and Darren’s is honest, courageous, and an inspiration.  Thanks for the Move Me Monday Mota-vation! 

My name is Darren Mota. 4 years ago I survived a bout with diabetes and overcame a brain tumor to go on to lose over 100 lbs, working each and every day to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
I changed the way I ate, changed the way I approached life in general, and changed my activity level.  I got more active!
Not long after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was hard to accept. Again, it was another obstacle I was willing to fight. With the grace of the Lord I was able to beat it and had surgery to remove the brain tumor. It set me back on my weight loss journey because I was not medically cleared to engage in physical activity for another year, but again - Mind over Matter! - as well as lots of prayers and support from friends and family. Once I was medically cleared I restarted my weight loss journey again and now four years later I am happy to report I have kept the weight off (I've gained a few pounds here and there), but something I've maintained, and I am very proud of.
I'm here to tell you that you can do it. If I can do it, you can do it!
I like to motivate people and get them off the couch! I enjoy Spartan races, races in general, and to live a more active life. Anybody out there that needs motivation, an extra push, or just  someone to tell you that you can do it, hit me up (you may have to do a Spartan race with me).

Thank you to Ryan and Jessica Bohn for introducing us to Darren and for sponsoring Move Me Monday this week!

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