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Move Me Monday Storyteller - Courtney Murphy

Thank you to super mover Courtney for sharing her story with us this week! We are grateful for Courtney & Chris' continued support of Memorial Sloan Kettering - running marathons with Fred's Team and sponsoring Move Me Monday this (marathon) Monday and are honored to remember Leroy Sievers & Mark Beban.

Marathon Monday is meaningful for me, as I had the honor of running the Boston Marathon – and several others - with Fred’s Team, in support of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (before we had kids, when there was time for long runs!). Unfortunately, it seems cancer has touched all of our lives, and I’d like to remember especially my former boss and friend Leroy Sievers (see his My Cancer NPR blog), and dear family friend Mark Beban, who would have been 42 last month. Both can be described as big-hearted, gentle giants, who fought bravely but whose lives still were cut tragically short by cancer.
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