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Move Me Monday Storyteller - Charlotte Shron

We are honored to share Charlotte Shron's story and celebrate her mother's memory as the year anniversary of her passing approaches next week. Thank you for sharing your story and your continued support of AKTIV Against Cancer Charlotte.

Cancer is a word we all spend our lives trying to avoid. For me, it used to hold the power to instill fear, anger and unfathomable pain. Now, almost a year after my mother's death, I refuse to give cancer the power it once had. While losing her may have broken my heart in ways I did not think possible, her short but brutal journey with Cancer has also given me perspective, strength, and determination to move forward in a positive light. I missed her yesterday, I’m missing her today and I will miss her always, but the pain of losing her wouldn’t be as prevalent as it is now, had it not been for the amount of unconditional love and support she provided for me and my family over time. It is this realization that has allowed me to cope with the pain, and in some instances even embrace it as a representation of how amazing she was and of the infinitely positive impact she had on me. I can't believe May 15th marks one year since her passing from a rare cancer that we will never fully understand because,  F**K Cancer, but it also marks a deep shift in how I move through life as I haven't been the same since. 
Despite countless unwritten chapters that stand before me without her by my side, I plan on filling those pages with her spirit as my unwavering confidant; just as she always was in my past reality. I may never see her again in this life, but that doesn’t mean she is dead to me; in fact, I feel more connected to her internally than ever before. Since her death, everyday is dedicated to her and her loving, caring and beautiful spirit as she truly embodied the ultimate mother and best friend a daughter could have.  Cancer is a word I used to be scared of but now, it represents a catalyst of change in my life to do better and be better. To honor my mother and others who have been affected by cancer, I choose to honor them through movement along side my friends at AKTIV Against Cancer through the Move Me Monday campaign and encourage you all to honor those you love by doing the same. Movement gives us the freedom, power and control to be free and we should move because we can. 

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