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Move Me Monday Storyteller - Andrea Devitofranceschi

Thank you to Andrea Devitofranceschi for sharing her story with us this week, we are inspired by your dedication and giving back to the community!

My name is Andrea and cancer came barging into my life in October 2012 with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Those words, “you have cancer” took my breath away and turned my world upside down. This wasn’t even remotely on my thought horizon as a possibility for me. While dealing with surgeries and treatments I found one place of calm, and that was my yoga studio and the practice of yoga. Some days that meant working on taking one breath at a time, some days I was propped  in the middle of the room with as many bolsters and blocks and blankets as possible, simply visualizing the practice of the students around me and basking in their energy.
And slowly, but surely I finally started to move my body again and regained strength and a regular assana practice.
I resolved to become a yoga teacher to give back to the community what was given to me during some dark times with so much kindness and love. And to share with others, who are going through cancer treatments, the power of yoga.
In 2016 I participated in a 200 hour yoga teacher training, and in 2017 I added 300 hours more of training, making me a 500 RYT. I am privileged to finally teach a Yoga for Cancer class once a week, amongst a number of vinyasa classes.
Nature as inspiration! There is always room to grow!

CT movers - join Andrea at Athleta Greenwich on Thursday, October 25th at 9am for a Yoga for Cancer class, open to all! Register here!

Andrea hosts Yoga for Cancer Mondays at 11am in Stamford, please see link for her full schedule!

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