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Move Me Monday Storyteller - Alex's Sunnyside Playroom

Thank you to Gwendolyn for sharing your family's story with us and sponsoring Move Me Monday on Monday the 17th. We are honored to move to celebrate Alex's memory this Monday and inspired by your commitment to Alex's Sunnyside Playroom to bring moments of hope and joy to families affected by cancer.

Cancer threw a grenade in our lives on February 23, 2018. My late husband, Alex, came home after working in the OR's all day to have dinner with us before returning back to work to check himself into the ER. He had a cold that he couldn't kick for a few weeks, along with new concerning masses over his left eye and right clavicle. Our PCP advised him to go to the ER after running blood work that showed concerning WBC counts. A bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture later gave us the diagnosis of B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Alex fought across four hospitals in three states before dying while doing clinical trial testing at Stanford.
Cancer taught us to lean on one another, focus on exercising, living in the moment, make overt gestures, and leave nothing unsaid because tomorrow isn't promised. Although Alex died, our family has worked hard to help other families battling cancer with the creation of Alex's Sunnyside Playroom. We know how important those small, meaningful moments are in the daily battle of cancer. They offer hope and joy in the midst of darkness.

Follow Alex's Sunnyside Playroom story and please feel free to reach out if any cancer fighters would like to explore having this space at your hospital. Columbus, OH - there is a Casino Night to benefit Alex's Sunnyside Playrooms Saturday, April 22nd!

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