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Kilter Rewards - Move Me Monday made easy!

Updated: May 16, 2020

Exciting news! LWDF has partnered with AKTIV Against Cancer and Kilter Rewards to bring you a new MoveMeMonday experience!

What is Kilter Rewards? Kilter Rewards is a free mobile application that gamifies healthy living and charitable giving. With access to the Kilter app, the weekly activities you complete to earn donations for cancer research on Mondays are now fully automated. Kilter will also allow you to view an interactive leaderboard throughout the year with all other MoveMeMonday participants, compete for monthly prizes offered by new corporate sponsors, and even make your own contributions for your own activities if you so choose!

It’s free for you to join and we need your continued support because with Kilter, the fundraising ceiling to support The Lee Jones Lab's critical research is so much higher!

So please, invite your friends and family to join you on this journey!

Sounds great! How does it work? To make your exercise tracking effortless, the Kilter Rewards app gives you the ability to connect with a variety of different fitness tracking apps, check into gyms and fitness studios, and manually enter additional activities that can’t be so easily tracked.

What do I do next? 1. Download the Kilter Rewards app 2. Choose JOIN EVENT & create your account 3. Locate the MoveMeMonday Monthly Challenge 4. Complete the signup workflow to connect your devices, fill out your bio and tell us what moves you That’s it! Start tracking your activities, your progress with others on the live leaderboard, and work to earn the most donations towards AKTIV Against Cancer, while competing for awesome monthly prizes!

Every day you complete an activity, you will earn points in Kilter which will be tallied as beats for Move Me Monday.

Throughout the year, you’ll have the opportunity to make easy contributions yourself too, if you feel inclined.

From all of us, thank you for YOUR support. We are excited to launch this new partnership with AKTIV Against Cancer and Kilter Rewards to progress our mission.

Use the #MoveMeMonday and #DonateYourHustle when you post to your social media pages!

As a reminder AKTIV Against Cancer works to ensure physical activity will become an integral part of cancer treatment and is the largest supporter of The Lee Jones Lab at MSKCC. We are teaming up to bring the fight to cancer and to increase our impact. We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks, and are counting on your beats on #MoveMeMonday!

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