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Atrium x Move Me Monday

We are excited to kick off our partnership with Atrium for #MoveMeMonday this May and appreciate their generosity and sponsorship for the second year in a row!

Thank you to Matt McGorrey for sharing your story last year to kick off the month, and for continuing to be a champion for #MoveMeMonday at Atrium! Matt participated in Move Me Monday with the Indiana University Run Club and introduced us to Atrium! See his full recap Atrium's Cultivate program and Move Me Monday, a match made in heaven - we agree!

Then we recapped our collective accomplishments. Altogether, we were able to generate 977 beats, raise $2,931, and have over 75 unique Atrians participate! It took 14,655 minutes of exercise to generate those beats, a huge achievement for our Atrians. Not only were we able to raise almost $3,000 for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s patient navigation program, which helps Dana-Farber’s most vulnerable patients, but we were also able to reframe the conversation around working out. There is no doubt that Monday is the hardest day of the week to exercise, and by providing an incentive we were able to make it easier for Atrians to find time to move. An Atrian shared with me “I gotta say this Monday thing got me working out again”, which was the exact purpose of this program!
While as a society we continue to collectively work towards a cure for cancer, we can’t forget that prevention is just as crucial, and exercise plays a huge part in preventing many forms. Altogether, I was happy to see the revitalized positive energy that this Cultivate initiative was able to… well… cultivate. As our company continues to grow and expand, it’s important to find ideas and causes that our employees can band together and rally behind, and I’m happy to see that was the case with MoveMeMonday.

Thank you Atrium for your partnership, we are counting on your beats this month!

Closing Ceremony May 2021

Thank you to Matt for sharing your story last year to kick off the month, and for continuing to be a champion for #MoveMeMonday at Atrium!

#MoveMeMonday is something you can do together, even if you are working remotely or have offices around the country and world! If you are looking for a team building and corporate wellness activity with your co-workers, let us know!

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