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Tally Tuesday 4.2.18

Tally Tuesday, this is no joke!

Weekly stats: Beats: 1,449 Movers: 207

No April Fools jokes here - spring time snow did not stop Move Me Nation from posting the most beats and number of movers EVER! Thank you to all the movers who Accepted the Challenge to bring the fight to cancer and move with us this week!

Whether you are moving for your family, your friends or to be a better you - we are all in this together! Every day is an opportunity to bring the fight to cancer and to help spread the word about the power of prevention.

See you on Monday!

Registration is now open for Kicking Cancer in Columbus, OH & Greenwich, CT! Please register online in advance!

April is Awareness Month for Esophageal Cancer, Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer, and Testicular Cancer.

We love seeing our movers in their #MMMUniform! As a reminder, all proceeds from each Garage Cotton Move Me Monday shirt purchased will help fund your beats! 

If you are interested in sharing your story or sponsoring a #MoveMeMonday, we would love to hear from you! 

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